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Frequently Asked Questions

NeuroCustomer Artificial Intelligence as a Service (A.I.aaS) is an integrated, secure platform of technology solutions implemented at your speed to fit your unique needs. If you have not considered the cloud, or are unsure whether it is right for you, learn more about NeuroCustomer A.I.aaS and how it can benefit your business.

What is Artificial Intelligence as a Service (A.I.aaS)?

A.I.aaS is a monthly, subscription-based service that provides the ability to purchase NeuroCustomer A.I.aaS. It is an alternative to setting up data center facilities and purchasing hardware, equipment and software licensing for on-premise use.


What is NeuroCustomer’s Budi?

NeuroCustomer’s Budi is next generation A.I.aaS designed for Board Members, Executives, Managers and Employees to improve customer and cross-cultural relationships. It learns from in store customer and employee natural communications on video, audio notes and POS data, enabled by NeuroCustomer A.I.aaS. This enables a data-driven way for businesses to understand and benchmark their customers’ personality and emotions (like stress) as it relates to optimal customer experience. For general features please see the NeuroCustomer Solution information or contact us at hello@neurocustomer.com.


What does Budi do about privacy?

Customer Data that has been stripped of any unique identifiers in respect of a particular individual and that has been used by NeuroCustomer or a Service for analysis, like kind clustering and positive deviance analysis.

Will implementation of NeuroCustomer A.I.aaS require additional IT resources?

NeuroCustomer A.I.aaS is designed for business users. We do provide support services options for those enterprises with critical business needs.

How does NeuroCustomer provide support?

NeuroCustomer A.I.aaS customers have anytime access to our service desk via email for 10% of the monthly contracted price. NeuroTalent has service desk technicians working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help you resolve issues or questions that may arise.

What is NeuroTalent A.I.aaS?

NeuroCustomer A.I.aaS is a powerful audio, video, & text-based analytics which discovers emotion, communication, and behavior patterns to improve each person’s work life and cross-cultural relationships. It includes advanced computing capabilities which extract the lowest level (neurological, physiological and environmental) signals to anonymously identify the person and understand how they feel with context of their relationships to work, other people and the environment around them.


How is Budi different from other A.I.?

Unlike other A.I., which are general, rules-based or knowledge base-driven, and fail to understand context, Budi:

  1. Uses neurological, physiological, and environmental signals from text, audio, and video (in the future this will include sensors like heart rate monitors!) to understand what you say, do and feel
  2. continuously learns the more you interact and personalizes based on this knowledge
  3. Remembers what it learns for future interactions so no more frustrating canned responses
  4. Contextualizes your interaction by taking into account external factors that may be affecting how you feel right now (e.g. your calendar full of meetings and deadlines may be indicating stress, natural disasters nearby scaring you for your family’s safety)

What is NeuroCustomer A.I.aaS residual rights?

NeuroCustomer and it’s A.I.aaS service provider will have a royalty-free, worldwide, transferable, sublicenseable, irrevocable, perpetual license to use or incorporate into the Service any Residuals.

What percentage of the time is the intelligence available (uptime) with NeuroCustomer A.I.aaS?

The NeuroCustomer A.I.aaS environment is designed to provide clients with 99 percent uptime outside of pre-defined, periodic maintenance windows.

"Intelligent Customer Relationships are Data-Driven from Customer Interactions"

– Catalyzer, llc

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