Uncork Customer Relationship Intelligence from Every Day In-Store Interactions

Data-driven customer insights to personalize experiences, continuously improve relationships, and increase profit

Meet Budi, the first Customer Experience A.I. assistant 

He uncorks normally unusable data exhaust produced from store security cameras, audio notes, sensors and point of sale (POS) data.  

3 Steps to Data-Driven Customer Relationship Intelligence

Accurately understanding customer behavior is a major differentiating factor between retailers that delight their customers and those that struggle to entice them. Budi empowers retailers to uncork cultural and emotional customer insights from existing store data to transform in-the-moment intuition to continuously improving data-driven relationships.

Personalized, Actionable Recommendations

Personalized services are the new norm for physical retailers as eCommerce dominates cheap and convenient. Budi makes it easy for employees of all levels to cater experiences like a pro. He records personal books with the little things that matter for retailers to make each customer feel special.

“Open, honest communication is the best foundation for any relationship, but remember that at the end of the day it’s not what you say or what you do, but how you make people feel that matters the most.”

– Tony Hsieh

Data-driven Cultural & Emotional Journeys

Customer journeys include many things that happen before, during, and after the experience of a product or service. Journeys can be long, stretching across multiple channels and touchpoints, and often lasting days or weeks. Budi empowers retailers with a single view of the customer across their digital and physical journeys. He uses powerful identity, biometric emotion analysis, and contextual understanding features from audio, video, sensor, and web sources.

Culturally & Emotionally Intelligent Benchmarking

Some of the best emotional experiences come from industries outside of retail (like entertainment). Digitizng emotions with context gives retailers new tools to discover benchmarks and best practices from all industries to continuously improve their experiences towards best-of-class.

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